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SiteSires.com offers years of website design, production and programming experience. We believe your online presence should reflect professionalism and should not cost you a fortune. With SiteSires.com, you get a Custom Design, no pre-made templates here, at an affordable price. Our one on one approach ensures we accurately translate your visions and goals for your website. We also offer all the tools you will need to make your online presence a success at no extra charge, including an online store!

~What we have to offer you~

* AffordabilityWe create you a high quality, Custom Website at an affordable price! Our Experienced Web Design Team will work with your existing materials, or we will develop a brand new concept of your business. You receive a Custom Website, Custom Website Logo, 5-Page Set-up, e-Commerce, Website Hosting, Scheduled Up Dates, Upgrades, Search Engine Optimization and a ton of features………All at the affordable price of $950.00 $450.00 (One time design fee) and then only $25.00 monthly hosting & maintenance – also covers the yearly domain name fee.

* Functionality - SiteSires.com provides you with all of the solutions you need to have a successful online presence. We give you multiple tools for communication, a user friendly e-Commerce Solution, a Search Engine Friendly Platform, a Professionally Tailored Web Presence and Administrative Access to the back-end allowing YOU to track, record, and control your own presence in the online community. At a price you can afford!

* Appearance – The first impression of your website immediately sets the tone for the visitors experience. We keep that in mind when we deal with aspects of images, logo design, color, flow of pages and content. We create your custom website with the visitor in mind, making sure your site is visually pleasing, professional, high quality and user friendly!

The SiteSires.com team members are also experts in Search Engine Optimization. We offer more than just getting you to the top of the search rankings for your name. We will engineer your website, content, meta tags, description tags and title tags to ensure that it is search engine friendly.

SiteSires.com offers our customers the tools to project a professional image that other venues such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc… do not offer. Letting you use the Social Networking sites for what they are intended for: to network your professional website.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and High Quality Websites, with all of the features offered by our larger competitors, for a fraction of the price!


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