What is Blogging?

Blogging is a creative way to have a personal on- line presence. You can share photos, stories, news, music, drawings, videos, topics and such other related areas of interest.

gardening, crafts, animals, balloons, weddings, bugs, furniture, cancer, vitamins, bars, music, dance, food, technology,
kids, spouses, sexuality, socks, travel………..

Blogging sites can also be used for websites, allowing the option for visitors to leave comments to articles or post
located on the site. This generates activity which is smiled upon by the SEO GODS.

There are many sites that are available to get free blogging services, and for the most part blogging is quite simple and those who do it really enjoy it. Blogging is a great way to also keep in touch with family and friends. Letting viewers capture the moments of the bloggers life as posts are added. One is able to choose from a number of different templates, enabling the customization of their blog.

Using blogs as a marketing tool is also a great idea, it is just another way, like a website that you can reach a wide number of online visitors. Thus spreading your name and your services.

Blogs mostly anĀ  online diary. In which a person is able to write things that they would like to reflect on or things that just need to be released.

If you look through our site you can find pages in which we refer to WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging platform. It is easy to use, very flexible and packed full of features. WordPress is of course only one of the many places in which you can obtain a Blog.

Blogging goes back to the early stages of the web. WordPress is a great example, this open source blogging platform can be transformed into a fully functional CMS Platform. Equip with great tools for Businesses, Personal, photographers, writers, on-line and off line-merchant stores, auto supply shops, Movie theaters, Painters……. in which you can easily publish content, display events, contact subscribers via SMS Texting, upload media and audio, view webpages, sell products, and have control over the whole process.

Creating a blog can become a great hobby and in many cases a great job.



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