Her Last Mile 11

Nov 16th 2009

It has been a while since I have wrote a post. Much has happened…….. I moved to the West Coast, the area is a much better place for networking and selling our websites. The enviorment I am in now is a complete turn around from where I was. The house, the people, the area. I was always grateful for what I had, and in those moments I envisioned what I wanted the future to be, I have to admit, the things I asked for did infact come to be. I no longer sit on my porch looking at an unpleasent site. I know get to see a very nice nieghborhood. I asked for a hot tub, it is here on the deck in the back yard.  I asked for the ocean, I am 20 minutes from a place in the last 2 weeks I have been able to see remarkable sights, like red jelly fish!

I do not doubt the potential of thought. I do not doubt that we can infact control or destiny, I do not doubt that if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

I will be honest, I have had a few emotional set backs. And I am again trying to find that balance. i don’t know why, reading my words I just written should be enough for me to be balanced, gun ho…… maybe it is the transformation of it all. Maybe it is just me not allowing, fighting for what ever reason. Being my own worst enemy.  :(

Change is only Change………. I know this, and I adapt well to situations. But there is something inside of me I must deal with. I am in the place I asked to be, given an oppurtunity that I must take. I am confused why peace has not fell over me yet. Is it still all so new, 2 weeks since we arrived? The packing, leaving those I love, coming somewhere with only a hope and all that has happened since, that I just need to breath.

i could claim that as the truth. Maybe it is that in the two weeks it seems I have not focused much on work, have not accomplished as much as I want, still seem limbo……. after two years of waiting , i just don’t want to wait any longer! I am ready……….


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