Her Last Mile 4

July 8th 2009



Those are the things I have to ponder to day. I know the desire, I know the determination, but it is the dedication that has me in an awake meditation.

I have not gave full dedication, i have been guilty of being bored, guilty of being restless, guilty of wanting to do anything but work!!

My husband talked to his friend last night, and was reminded, we can be like children and play once we get there. I know this, I have told it to myself over and over. But like I said, I have been guilty of doing the opposite.  We have come so far, and there is not a lot left to do before we launch it full force. I need to get in the mind set of preparing for what ever amount of time and duty it is going to take, to launch it, and after it is out there. Because I know as hard as it seemed we have worked, there is still much to do. It will just be a different avenue, it will no longer be about getting to this point, it is soon to be about being there. And it will demand the dedication.

So today I take note in myself my desire and determination to be dedicated.


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