XaraXtremePro is the perfect choice for professional design work, ideal for both print and the web. Pro offers the same power and flexibility as Xtreme, whether you’re working with bitmap or vector graphics, with the addition of features most likely to be used by professional designers. These include PDF/X export, multi-core processor support for extra speed, color separation and Pantone support, a bundled Pan Studio pro photo stitcher, and additional import & export filters.

Xara Xtreme graphics software

Just about all of the graphical images on our website were created using XaraXtremePro! It’s probably the easiest image editor that’s out there on the market today and, it’s very affordable. We definitely recommend using this tool if you would like to add a little more Pizazz to your website. Please click on the banner above to get your copy of XaraXtremePro today!

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